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The only thing in my mailbox today was a coupon flyer from Wendy’s. That was my meal of choice for years! A BIG juicy double burger with EXTRA CHEESE!

Back in Feb 3 of 2016 I committed to a plant based lifestyle because my food choices were so poor that I became sick and tired.

I was over weight by 100+ pounds and was considered obese. I suffered from anxiety, depression, addiction, asthma, allergies, fluid retention, swollen limbs, racing heart beat, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, chronic fatigue, dizzy spells, border line diabetes, psoriasis and more! I got sick multiple times a year and these last few years of me getting sick I would cough up blood in my phlegm.

I was the one who said I’ll never quit eating meat. I’ll never give up drinking alcohol, I’ll never eat just fruits and vegetables.

Feb 3 2016 I had no choice! I either kept up the lifestyle and paid the price of bad health and early death or I needed to make a change.

I decided with my head that I would make a change. My heart followed later and my body began to transform soon after my choice was made. I went from obese and sick to healthy and a good weight (lost over 100 pounds) I’m less than 6 months. To date I have not been sick since nor have I had any allergies or depression or anxiety again! I completely healed by body 100%

Feb 3 of this coming year I will be celebrating 3 years of renewed health.

Although these Flyers look tempting to you today just remember we only have one body and where can we possible live when that body is no longer available to us?

Before you say you cannot do this remember others have done this and had GREAT success! I am here to help you along the way! I have dedicated my life to helping others succeed with their health. For more information visit www.RebootWithMike.com